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The American Institute of Architects (AIA) works to advance our nation’s quality of life and protect the public’s health, safety and welfare, as it has done for 160 years.

AIA members from across the world assist with fabricating the environments where people live, learn, work, and play. From hospitals for healing, to houses of worship for spiritual wellbeing, we design for the next generation with sustainability in mind to create healthier and safer communities. Architects are the backbone of the world’s design and construction industry. Whether entrepreneurs or small business owners, they do more than just simply create great spaces; they create opportunities.

As an AIA member you have a voice in the values we uphold in our daily practices. Architects are eager to develop new policies to create a better, stronger, and more equitable and sustainable society as natural facilitators and problem-solvers. AIA members are committed in engaging in the policy-making process and to focus the power of design on solving the challenges facing our world.

Being aware of the damaging effects excessive carbon has on our atmosphere, the AIA will continue to advocate for policies that protect the environment by encouraging the design, preservation and construction of high-performing buildings. Reducing the carbon footprint of buildings is not just good for the environment; it’s good for business. According to a 2015 study, from 2011 to 2014, the green construction market generated $167.4 billion in GDP, supported over 2.1 million jobs and provided $147.7 billion in labor earnings. That is why we advocate for policies that lead to energy efficient, carbon neutral buildings.

We stand for federal policies that help firms thrive, not hold them back. That means a tax code that treats architects fairly, small business programs that provide loans and financing support and programs that give small firms the chance to compete. That is why AIA advocates for policies that ensure small firms remain strong contributors to the nation’s economy.

The youth is held back by a lack of access to education and the crushing burden of student debt. This is true in architecture where recent graduates often leave the profession to pay down student loans. Without a pool of qualified architects to design buildings, projects will not move forward, stifling the economic development. So that young professionals remain in the architectural profession, the AIA is an advocate for policies that provide better access and financing for education.

As AIA, we rise to meet the challenges of today with the designs for our future. This is where we stand—today and every day.

Mission Statement

An organization meant to promote and forward the mission of the American Institute of Architects within Wichita and to organize and unite the members of the architectural profession through monthly meetings, building tours, presentations, professional development and other networking events.

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2020 Board

Executive Board


Craig Lofton
Alloy Architecture

Education: Bachelor of Architecture Kansas State University

Work Experience: R.M. Hansen Design (Topeka) 1991 to 1994, Wilson & Company Engineers & Architects (Salina) 1994 to 2006, McPherson Contractors, Inc. / Equity Ventures Commercial Development (Topeka) 2006 to 2015, Alloy Architecture (Wichita) 2015 – Present

About: Craig is a Partner with Alloy Architecture and grew up in western Kansas, living in Ogallah and attending elementary school and high school in WaKeeney. He attended K-State, from 1985 to 1990, studying architecture and since graduation has spent 30 years in the architectural profession, with 10 of those performing the duties of a construction manager and a development manager for a construction company in Topeka. Craig enjoys the relationships he builds with clients over the course of a project and enjoys seeing the impact his projects have on individuals and communities. Craig and his wife (Holly) have 5 children, and 5 grandchildren with 1 more on the way. In Craig’s free time he enjoys spending time with family, traveling with Holly, kayaking, bicycling and riding his motorcycle.

President Elect

Carmen Moravec
SJCF Architecture
Design Awards Chair


Meredith Hampton
GLMV Architecture


Lisa Shaffer
LK Architecture



Allison Le
SJCF Architecture
Endowment Fund Chair

Public Relations

David Stauth
WSU Project Manager


Stacy Christie
SJCF Architecture

Committee Chairs


Lisa Shaffer
LK Architecture


Luke Scott
WDW Architecture

Golf Tourn./Fundraising

Jamie Lindamood
Krehbiel Architecture

Emerging Professionals

Luis Burgos
SJCF Architecture

KSU Studio

Malcolm Watkins
SJCF Architecture

Women In Architecture

Kristine Pafford
SPT Architecture

Committee Members

Website Coordinator

Kyle Wilkerson
GLMV Architecture

ARE Study Coordinator

Jeff Kuhn
GLMV Architecture

Volunteer Coordinator

Renae Slusser
SPT Architecture

Past Presidents

  • 2020: Allsion Le
  • 2019: Jeff Minar
  • 2018: Stacy Christie
  • 2017: Matt Cortez
  • 2016: Malcolm Watkins
  • 2015: Josh Herrman
  • 2014: Eric Whittman
  • 2013: David Dresher
  • 2012: Anthony Jacobs
  • 2011: David Dresher
  • 2010: Anthony Jacobs
  • 2009: Richard Brown
  • 2008: Shannon Ferguson-Bohm
  • 2007: Chris Kliewer
  • 2006: J. Michael Rice
  • 2005: Gregory Tice
  • 2004: Tim Dudte
  • 2003: Jeffrey Weiford
  • 2002: Michael Seiwert
  • 2001: Michael Eidem
  • 2000: Edward Klock
  • 1999: Kelly Broce
  • 1998: Tod Ford
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  • 1995: Richard Carl
  • 1995: Not for Profit Incorporation